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How can I earn money by doing an Amazon review

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a plan to crack down on online rip-offs including making it illegal for people to write or host fake reviews has been outlined by the government. 19 july 2021

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whether you fancy your lashes to look wispy, fluttery, or so long and full they almost touch your brows, falsies are the ultimate ticket to turning up your look a few notches. forget the dreaded smudging, flaking, or fallout you get from certain mascaras; once applied, fake lashes stay put and look amazing until it's time to take them off. mastering the lash application process takes time, but practice makes perfect, according to new york city-based makeup artist tommy napoli. "always start by measuring your lash to your lash line; a lot of these bands are longer than people's eye space, so it's always good to measure and trim accordingly," he says. after that, napoli applies a thin layer of glue and a thicker layer to the inner and outer corners of the lash band, then lets the glue dry down to a tacky finish and places the lash on the lid.

while the apps aren't particularly damaging or malware in the sense that they'll destroy the device or steal information, they will try and get the victims to pay. the apps claim to offer the functionality of chatgpt (which is basically an ai-powered chatbot) and offer a free trial (or a free model with ads), and a paid subscription model. the free/ads model is either heavily limited (available for three days, for example) or comes with so many ad popups and distractions that it's simply unusable. these fake chatgpt apps are just here to scam you out of your money

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